March 10,2014 10 on 10, Canadian Edition, v.3

Wow, March really crept up on me! So thankful for 'free time' at the girl's gym last Friday afternoon. I realized it was a perfect place to capture 10 photos for this month's instalment (I ended up with WAY more, of course). It was a challenge to work with the flouresecent lights and making sure other kids weren't in the photos, since it got crazy busy at one point. I was really excited to go through and edit these when I got home though, some new favourites have emerged for sure.

I am starting to really appreciate this project for two reasons. First is that I force myself to bring and use my camera in situations like this, where it would have been easier just to sit and watch like all the other Moms (I'm sure I got a few strange looks). But now I have these memories of a time in their life I wouldn't have had otherwise. The second reason is I get to photograph in one of my favourite ways; following my subject(s) around and capturing them as they 'do their thing'. All of my 10 on 10's have been this 'style' so far, and I realize just how much I really love it.


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