July 10,2014 10 on 10, Canadian Edition, v.7

At the end of last month, the girls attended their first ever princess themed event, Princess at the Park with Elsa and Anna. It always sells out quick, so when I was invited by a friend (thank you Michelle) to the event page and discovered a new date added with available tickets I jumped on it. I soon realized that it was 2 weeks away and knew I needed to get Elsa dresses. I considered sewing but didn't have enough time. So off to eBay I went and found these 2 identical dresses. They were a reasonable price and crazy adorable, but most importantly, were from a seller who could guarantee a quick delivery. I was all set and the girls were super excited.

The morning of, we got the girls dressed complete with side braids (thanks Mom). Of course I wanted to take some photos before we headed out which left E slightly unimpressed since she just wanted to get going. We found the purple princess tent and the girls waited for Anna and Elsa to arrive. All the kids sat and enjoyed while they sang some classic songs from the movie and then everyone went out of the tent to dance. After that they pinned the carrot on Olaf and ate snacks. Then a nail, makeup and glitter tatoo station were waited at, making some little girls pretty happy. Finally near the end of the 2 hours, a photo op with Anna and Elsa. Every time E saw Elsa, she looked up at her in awe. I love that they had this experience (since they are obsessed with Frozen) and that I was able to capture it for them.


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