August 10,2014 10 on 10, Canadian Edition, v.8

Some of you may have seen this post already as I used it for my Life in Loud project a little over a week ago. Had I known I wouldn't have been able to pull together 10 more photos for this month's instalment, I would have saved them. But, summer has been full of fun and sometimes it is nice to just enjoy and not always document EVERYTHING. I do really love these photos and since I am putting all of my 10 on 10 collections in a book, I am happy to have these ones apart of it.

This evening was like most around here. We were lucky enough to have no mosquitos at the end of the day so off to our newly acquired trampoline we went. After jumping for a bit, I became aware of just how nice the lighting was. I ran to get my camera and turned what should have been spending time with my kids, into a mini photo session (of course right?). The girls were obviously in a silly mood and required much coaxing from me, but I love the backdrop the trampoline makes so I went for it as much as they'd let me. V left as soon as she could and I took the opportunity to capture some nice photos of E as she is usually the less cooperative one. I love this series and if you didn't see them before, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


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