September 10,2014 10 on 10, Canadian Edition, v.9

Wow, 9 months already? Crazy. Third week in August we were blessed with one last mega super hot day in the middle of the week. I was taking the girls into the city for an appointment and thought I *need* to take advantage of this, what could be the last day of 'summer'. So we went to our first ever splash pad, this one located at the Forks. A challenge I must say, I was worried for awhile I wouldn't get anything I could use. The sun was out and there were SO many kids at one point (I photoshopped out a kid standing right in front of V in that first photo). But then it hazed over and there were less kids and my girls stayed close to where I could capture them. I tried out my 105 2.8 which worked really well in this situation. Even though it feels like fall (winter?) already, I am happy to finally share and enjoy these last images of summer. Can you tell they had fun? I'm sure next month's post will look very different.


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