April 10,2014 10 on 10, Canadian Edition, v.4

April means Easter which means egg decorating, perfect for a 10 on 10. The girls made six different colours of glitter eggs (which wasn't the *best* idea, the glitter). They love doing their own thing with any craft or activity so having me step back and simply document allowed them to be their happiest, messiest and most creative.


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April 1,2014 Life in Loud, Week 31 – Winnipeg Lifestyle Photography

"If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you." – Fred Devito

This quote pertains to both my feisty daughter (who recently is very anti photo unless I catch her doing something) and the lighting situation. I took photos of my youngest (daughter) last week that I love, and wanted to capture something similar this week. And boy did she make me work for it. Not only did I literally have to play wrestle with her using my feet (for most of these) all the while snapping away, I contended with dramatic light and shadows, something I did intentionally. Similar to last week, I wasn't sure what I would end up with but was pleasantly surprised and happy with the results.

Life in Loud is such the perfect vehicle for 'experiments' like this and I will be forever grateful.


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March 25,2014 Life in Loud, Week 30 – Winnipeg Lifestyle Photography

You stopped me in my tracks.

I forgot how much I enjoyed photographing with zero intent for what I am going to capture, other than what transpires. This 'session' started with a loose plan that almost immediately gave way to silliness (of course). I kept my camera on and down on the bed though and just started aiming, focusing and shooting in the direction of V. Other than I think the finger chomping photo (which was me saying 'stand here'), the rest of these were a pleasant surprise when I went to edit. And the last image, well it did... stop me in my tracks.


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March 10,2014 10 on 10, Canadian Edition, v.3

Wow, March really crept up on me! So thankful for 'free time' at the girl's gym last Friday afternoon. I realized it was a perfect place to capture 10 photos for this month's instalment (I ended up with WAY more, of course). It was a challenge to work with the flouresecent lights and making sure other kids weren't in the photos, since it got crazy busy at one point. I was really excited to go through and edit these when I got home though, some new favourites have emerged for sure.

I am starting to really appreciate this project for two reasons. First is that I force myself to bring and use my camera in situations like this, where it would have been easier just to sit and watch like all the other Moms (I'm sure I got a few strange looks). But now I have these memories of a time in their life I wouldn't have had otherwise. The second reason is I get to photograph in one of my favourite ways; following my subject(s) around and capturing them as they 'do their thing'. All of my 10 on 10's have been this 'style' so far, and I realize just how much I really love it.


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February 27,2014 Lexi – Part One

Meet Lexi, 6 weeks old and super adorable. It was a delight to spend time with her, capturing her many looks and expressions. We stopped to eat, a couple of times. And to change outfits, a couple of times. Such a sweetheart. Here are some highlights from this session. 

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